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Wing Chun is an old Chinese martial art that was developed for warriors. In fact, it was the first martial art EVER to be created by a woman. Therefore, Wing Chun does not rely on strength in its fighting skills. It is an art of speed and angles. You’ll find that there is little kicking in Wing Chun as this art was designed for fighting in tight spaces… being up close and personal with your opponent. That is why Wing Chun is 80% handwork and only 20% kicking. There is much footwork involved as students must take the angles… but little kicking.  

Many of the top elite military groups still do Wing Chun. It is a fighting art.



Wing Chung Kung Fu FAQ

FAQ: What is the difference between Modified and Traditional Wing Chun?

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The split between Modified and Traditional Wing Chun began during the Boxer Rebellion. Those who fought with Modified Wing Chun did battle head on. Those who trained in Traditional Wing Chun, cut the angle fighting to come out unharmed.

Today, there is very little difference between Modified and Traditional Wing Chun. Modified Wing Chun now has a stronger focus on footwork so the training between both styles is almost similar

FAQ: How is a Wing Chun class structured? What happens in training?

Class structure varies as there are many things to learn about Wing Chun. Many times students work on basics… footwork, angles, etc. Some days it is an intense workout. And other classes are based around theory. Why do we kick this way? What is the history behind that technique? Because the more a student understands why to kick this way – what the purpose is – then he or she will be able to apply that technique all the better.

FAQ: Do you train with weapons in Wing Chun?

Yes. Weapons are practical. When fighting, the first thing almost any person does is look for a weapon. After all weapons are the great equalizer. That is why we teach weapons from the start. And in our Wing Chun training, students are taught both the Butterfly Swords and knife work.

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