About Us

Streaming Martial Arts connects you to the world of martial arts. At Streaming Martial Arts you’ll have online access to not only renowned martial artists, but their expertise, knowledge and most importantly…  curriculum.

At Streaming Martial Arts you can… log on to train in martial arts styles that have been handed down from master to master for generations.  Watch detailed instructional videos on how to do each technique properly.  Connect directly to these renowned martial arts professionals during live seminars… Web chats… and Skype calls.

Join Streaming Martial Arts and expand your martial arts world one style at a time.

Our Story
Once upon a time there was a Sensei ( Ben La France) who thought to himself , “How cool would it be if I could train with all the great martial artists from the comfort of my own home?” He looked high. He looked low. And could find nothing over hill… over dale… or over the Internet.

But, Ben was not discouraged. Build it and they will come, he thought. So, he talked to an expert in IT. After explaining what he wanted, the expert said, “I think I can do that.”

So the “IT” guy went to work, building one program after another. Nothing worked. Until one day, the programmer had a brilliant idea… a crazy idea… an unheard of idea. But could he do it? Could he pull it off?

The programmer worked day and night. Building… tweaking… and re-working. Until finally, Streaming Martial Arts was born.